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ACEV Preschool Website

ACEV Preschool website (www.acevokuloncesi.org) was launched as part of the “Me Too! Me Too!” project, sponsored by TEB Bank. The website is intended to be a resource for preschool and kindergarten teachers and teacher trainees and as such represents a “first” with its rich content.

Designed for preschool and kindergarten teachers and teacher trainees who play a large role in supporting the overall development of children, www.acevokuloncesi.org website addresses preschool education in various aspects and incorporates examples of different educational tools. The sections include Programs, Activities, Learning Environment, Special Resources and tools for preparing activities and improving the physical environment. The website offers its users a wide range of options including headings enriched with visuals and videos, customized sections where teachers share their own experiences, and interactive fields on the physical structure and order of the learning environment. The website gives easy access to approaches to education from around the world, events, recommended reference books and websites, as well as many other valuable information.

First Step Ahead Project Teachers Resource Website

The First Step project is one of the most comprehensive preschool education projects in Turkey. It is based on the four pillars of improving physical environment of preschools, training teachers, empowering parents and provision of a preschool cognitive program. The project also has its own website, prepared and launched in 2011 to provide access to all current activities and news related to the project. Located at www.gelecegeilkadim.org, the website provides detailed information about the project while also serving as an important social network platform through which teachers may interact. This interaction takes place in the First Step Teachers Lounge, where teachers talk about their project experiences. Other sections of the website include "The Importance of Preschool Education"," First Step Classrooms" (whichcontains VR photographs), and First-Hand@FirstStep,“ (where project-related experiences maybe shared.) Structured to be highly “user-focused” in design and content,the www.gelecegeilkadim.org website also provides access to up-to-date information about all project-related activities and news.

This campaign has been approved by the İstanbul Governorship (#30545 dated 15/11/2006) pursuant to article 7 of the Charitable Fundraising Act (Statute 2860).    
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