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AÇEV volunteers are the people who are the most important in the conduct and furtherance of the foundation’s activities. Support Volunteers contribute towards the conduct of the foundation’s back office and resource creation operations while Education Volunteers are essential to the fulfillment of its educational programs.

AÇEV Education Volunteers who support the foundation’s adult literacy programs are selected from among people who are at least 21 years of age and hold at least a high school diploma. After undergoing comprehensive training by AÇEV specialists, they open courses with the support of our field consultants and implement the foundation’s literacy program by conducting three hours of class three days a week for three and a half months. Teaching adults to read and write is a difficult business that demands patience, dedication, and creativity. Yet despite this, our many volunteer teachers continue to support AÇEV with a conviction that is born out of their willingness to give up some of the free time in their lives and put it to productive use as well as out of their love of teaching.

AÇEV Support Volunteers contribute to the foundation by making both their time and their expertise in many different disciplines available for use both at our headquarters offices and elsewhere. To date our Support Volunteers have come to our aid and helped us achieve our goals across a wide range of activities from taking photographs to selling tickets for AÇEV benefit functions and from translating materials and supporting events to handling assistance for earthquake victims. We take this opportunity to once again thank all of our volunteers for their support and assistance.

This campaign has been approved by the İstanbul Governorship (#30545 dated 15/11/2006) pursuant to article 7 of the Charitable Fundraising Act (Statute 2860).    
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