International Activities
Partnerships and Networks

AÇEV partners with several development and academic institutions and is a part of networks working towards the cause of enhancing early childhood and parent education related programs, research, and advocacy investments.

International Advocacy Partnerships

United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  

1997: AÇEV was named UNESCO’s Early Childhood Cooperation Center- Central Asia Representative.

2010: AÇEV was granted UNESCO’s Operational Partnership Status.

2011: AÇEV was designated an NGO Collective Consultant under the Education for All initiative of UNESCO.

2012: AÇEV was granted UNESCO’s Consultative Status. AÇEV and UNESCO collaborate on sharing know-how and experience to further the efforts in early childhood and parenting education initiatives.

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 

2008: AÇEV was designated an ECOSOC Special Consultant. The Special Consultative Status entitles AÇEV to submit recommendations to UN General Meetings, members and related expert bodies; to directly participate in UN conferences and preparatory meetings; to attend council and commission meetings; to be informed on the agenda and to have a say; to submit written statements and make oral presentations.

United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDG) 

Since 2009, AÇEV has been contributing to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals by renewing its annual reports detailing its commitments in the field of education.

AÇEV’s has submitted the following commitment to UN MDGs: “AÇEV plans to raise awareness of early childhood development and education among 1 million families in Turkey, generate USD 20 million in funds for these activities and reach 400,000 children, parents and illiterate women through nursery schools, parenting and literacy education, and train 2,500 new volunteers by 2014, thereby contributing to MDG2 on primary education, MDG3 on gender equality, MDG4 on reducing child mortality, and MDG8 on developing a global partnership for development.”

World Forum Alliance 

AÇEV has been a member of the World Forum Alliance since 2008. World Forum Alliance aims to give access to early childhood services by encouraging global information exchange and to contribute to the quality of these services. To this end, the organization collaborates with early childhood experts across the world.

The Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development (CGECCD) 

AÇEV has been a member of the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Education since 2004. CG implements programs and conducts research in early childhood development, nutrition, education, social sciences, economic status and child protection.

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 

AÇEV has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative since 2008. The Clinton Global Initiative works towards overcoming poverty, environmental pollution, healthcare and educational services problems. CGI provides its members with strategic consultancy and supports them in finding necessary funds to this end.

International Academic Partnerships

Harvard University Center on the Developing Child (CDC) 

AÇEV is a founding member of the Harvard University Center on the Developing Child since2006.CDC conducts research and advocacy in early childhood education and development.

Yale University Child Study Center, MacMillan Center 

AÇEV has been collaborating with the Child Study Center and the MacMillan Centers of Yale University since 2011 to explore the linkages between peacemaking and early childhood & parenting education programs. The collaboration is carried out under the title “AÇEV-Yale Formative Childhoods and Peace building Global Initiative”. In addition to generating scientific knowledge, the project aims to raise awareness on the importance of early childhood education and parenting programs on global platforms for scientists, practitioners and policy makers.

For more information about this partnership, please visit the project page: Ecology of Peace: Formative Childhoods and Peace Building

Wharton International Volunteer Project 

In 2011, AÇEV partnered with the International Volunteer Project Initiative of the Wharton Business School. A team of Wharton MBA students carried out a study of the social and economic value created by AÇEV since its founding in 1993.

In addition to the AÇEV collaboration, Wharton MBA students volunteered for 14 different projects in 10 countries in Africa, Far East, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America in 2011.

Harvard Business School FIELD Program 

In 2012, AÇEV collaborated with the Harvard Business School FIELD program where first year MBA students led by an HBS Professor worked on developing a toy line for AÇEV. FIELD is a mandatory program for first year MBA students at Harvard Business school where they work on new product/service development projects for organizations engaged in various sectors located in over 10 countries across the globe.

This campaign has been approved by the İstanbul Governorship (#30545 dated 15/11/2006) pursuant to article 7 of the Charitable Fundraising Act (Statute 2860).    
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